How to boost your PS4 download speed

PS4 internet speed boost

If your PS4 Games downloads at a snail’s pace again, we might have the solution for a better download speed. With a few settings you can often increase the speed enormously and make it faster. We’ll give you the right tips.

A reasonable download speed is essential for an untroubled gaming experience on the PS4. Demos, themes and even entire games are now often downloaded to the PS4. Not to mention the countless updates that can jump the gigabyte mark. The PSN servers from Sony are mainly responsible for fast transmission, but the home network or WLAN can also turn out to be a bottleneck. With a simple trick in the network settings, however, the download speed of the PS4 can often be significantly improved. We’ll tell you exactly how this works below.

These settings boost your PS4 downloads

In most cases you most likely already have an established network connection. However, it is necessary to set up a new network connection first. The settings will basically remain the same as before – with one exception. The DNS data must not be set up automatically, but must be configured manually.

This works as follows: “Settings > Network > Set up Internet connection > Use Wi-Fi or LAN cable > Custom > IP address settings Automatic > Do not specify DHCP host name > DNS settings manual > Primary DNS “” > Secondary DNS “” > MTU settings Automatic > Do not use proxy server”.

After entering the configuration, you receive the message that the Internet settings have been updated. Then the current Internet connection can be tested if necessary. That was it already. With this little trick you have a good chance that your download speed on the PS4 will be much better in the future. This simple setting will ultimately save you the otherwise obligatory detour via the host name – saving you time in many cases.

If the PS4 downloads are still slow…

If this method does not yet bring the hoped-for success, it can make sense to adjust the MTU values manually as well. Sony itself recommends using the alternative values 1473 and 1450. However, the MTU data should only be changed if the DNS settings remain ineffective. You should also keep to the sequence, i.e. change DNS first, save, download. Only then can you experiment with MTU. Of course there is no guarantee for more download speed with your PS4.

Open the Receive Window: Running programs block transmission

Another tip: If you switch between applications and games on your PS4, they won’t close automatically. However, each of the running programs reserves a certain amount of the available bandwidth for itself on the receiver side – the so-called Receive Window is blocked by various applications, even though the network actually allows a higher bandwidth. So it’s a good idea to close as many games and applications as possible – even if you can’t easily manage background applications on the PS4. This way you at least close the currently open programs:

  • Press the PS key long to open the Quick Menu
  • Select the top item “Close application”.
  • A list appears in which you can choose what should be closed.
  • Close all active applications to unburden the Receive Window

Server, provider, local network: Many factors can block the line

All of these tips are first tips for optimizing your network settings and speeding up PS4 downloads. For more speed, the placement of the router is also important, as is the implementation of general WLAN tips. And the following always applies: The connection via LAN cable is always preferable to the PS4 WLAN version when it comes to download speed. Ultimately, however, even the fastest Internet connection won’t help if Sony’s PSN servers just work agonizingly slowly. Then all you have to do is wait and see and hope for better times – perhaps the next firmware update for the PS4 will already bring stability improvements. This could also lead to faster downloads of files on the PS4.


  • Enter DNS data in the network settings of the PS4
  • Also adjust MTU values if necessary
  • Close as many applications as possible to keep Receive Window free
  • Perform optimal placement of the router
  • Follow general PS4 WLAN tips
  • Always prefer LAN connection to WLAN connection

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