How to Change Home Screen on PlayStation 4

ps4 home screen

For those who enjoy PlayStation 4, it can become a hassle and sort of a pain to see the same theme every single time that you turn on your device. It is pretty bland and boring to say the least. However, now there is an option that will allow you to customize your device so you can have your own custom theme on PlayStation 4.

Why settle for less anyways? If you are a fan of a certain industry, theme, movie or television show you are now in luck! We are about to share with you a quick technique on how to customize your screen. Your friends and fellow gaming enthusiasts will be impressed with your digital skills and impressive gaming system. You can go beyond customizing your PlayStation 4 console and controllers with stickers and decals by changing your home screen theme with our method we are about to explain.

Continue reading as ConsoleBoost reveals the solution to getting a home screen on your device you can be proud of! Don’t let your system look like it came fresh out of the box. Instead follow the advice as we list how to do it below.

Changing the PlayStation 4 Theme

It is actually incredibly easy to change the theme of your PS4 home screen. All you have to do is select Settings on your PlayStation 4 console and then select Themes from the options. This is a dedicated area that features unique themes some you will have to pay for and others are completely free. You will notice there is a large number of themes that you can choose from. There is almost an endless amount of themes that you can choose from. You can browse the paid section and select the paid themes.

Premium Paid & Free Themes

Obviously, the premium themes will be greater than the free themes with more selections and customizable features. You will also notice there is the option for animated themes too. You can have a degree of animation within your theme and these are featured in the free sections as well as paid. It really won’t matter what you are into because the PlayStation Universe has your needs covered with some of the hottest and most popular themes available. There is plenty of pop culture themes and basically, there is something for everyone.

custom ps4 theme

We suggest after you read this post you take a look inside your PlayStation 4 and choose a theme that you like and find suitable for your system. You can now have a completely customized system with this little trick we have shared with you. It is entirely up to you whether if you want to share it with your friends and family however that also enjoy the PlayStation 4 gaming system.

Download A New Theme

In order to grab a theme, all you have to do is download it and then pop out of the menu and then select the theme. This will change your PS4 home screen and the theme. This is a simple way to freshen up your gaming life and remember you can change your themes as frequently as you choose.

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The Playstation 4 gaming system is a heaven for every gamer and the unique attributes and games available is mind boggling. Now that you understand the secret on how to change the theme of your gaming system we suggest you give it a try and get started right now. You may become stuck in the portal of almost unlimited themes both free and paid available so we suggest you get started right now while it is fresh on your mind.

If you are a dedicated gamer continue reading our blog to find even more fresh new gaming tips to make your experience better and more enjoyable when you play PlayStation 4 and other gaming systems including PC! At Exomods, we are a group of dedicated gaming enthusiasts and we bring you content and information you will not find anywhere else online or in the gaming universe. Come back often and have more fun when you game!

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