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Buy modded PS4 controllers by ConsoleBoost! We stock PS4 controllers that we mod in-house and ship straight to your door. Our modded PS4 controllers come with rapid-fire mod, anti-slip wrap, trigger extenders, and custom buttons. These controller modifications will help you take your console gaming experience to the next level, by being able to shoot faster and much more. Modded PlayStation 4 controllers are completely legal unlike cheats, so you’ll be completely fine gaming online with our controllers.

Check out our available PS4 modded controllers for sale below; we have both universal controllers as well as game-specific ones.


Modded PS4 Controllers

Apex Legends Modded PS4 Controller

$199.00 $149.00

Modded PS4 Controllers

Custom PS4 Controller

$189.90 $99.90

Modded PS4 Controllers

Fortnite Modded PS4 Controller

$199.00 $149.00


What's Modded PS4 Controllers?

Modded PS4 controllers are a recent entry into the PlayStation world. However, do not be deceived as these controllers are more than a decade old. Before their arrival, the gaming world had an uninspiring appeal. Players were craving for something that would not only improve gameplay but also set adrenaline levels a notch higher.

PS4 pro evil controllers modded

First to hit the stage was Rapid Fire mods that enhanced shooting actions. With this modification, you did not need to press the fire button. The gamepad’s added feature did this. Seasoned gamers know that winning a shootout heavily depends on how fast you unleash your firepower.

A modded controller, it is a normal DualShock 4 controller that is modified to make the gaming experience for enthusiastic gamers much better. In a modded controller, all the new and latest functions and features are added that are not present in normal controllers. These latest features and functions help the gamers by increasing the performance and speed of the game and by improving the accuracy. If you are thinking these modified features are going to make it difficult for you to use a control, you are wrong. These controllers also make it easier for gamers to play their games.

Therefore, if you are in search of a good modded controller, you can buy the one that is made by ConsoleBoost. These are the best modded controllers you are going to find in the market. ConsoleBoost not only provides you with a modified controller, but the features they add in their controllers are something you are not going to find in any other controller in the market.

Features and Mods

ConsoleBoost's modded controllers for PS4 have tons of features that make it stand out from the standard DualShock. Our controllers are a fine example of a gamepad that works with all games.

It can be hard for you to play a game if your controller takes a lot of time in shooting and then reloading the gun. It can be difficult to keep on pressing the button again and again to run. There are many mod controllers available in markets that differ in their built quality, as well as their prices.

The ConsoleBoost controllers provide you with 20 slots that you can customize, and nine modifications that are configured in advance; there are 1000 controller customizations available.

Among the features you will find in this controller include:

  • Button configuration
  • Rapid-fire
  • Fast reload
  • Dropshot
  • Auto-aim


Rapid-Fire Mod

Our modded PS4 controllers come with rapid-fire mod, which will make any semi-automatic weapon a fully-automatic. Rapid-fire is extremely helpful in most FPS shooter games on PlayStation 4. This mod is a custom chip that gets soldered into the controller and requires professional work.

Imagine you are shooting your opponent, and every time you fire you have to wait for a few seconds before firing again. What if your opponent fires back at you in those few seconds? You would end up not only losing your game, but also wasting all the time you spent reaching that level.

ConsoleBoost understands your problem, and that is why it has designed these modded controllers for you. These controllers help you empty your gun’s magazine on your opponent in just a few seconds. You can kill your opponent in a blink of an eye with the fast shooting speed provided by these modded controllers.

Quick Shots

Are you into games that are all about shooting with rifles? If yes, this feature is all that you need. These modded controllers are designed in a way that they fix your aim automatically, and helping you take quick shots accurately.

This feature is perfect to take your shooting game to a whole new level. This mod controller is going to let you shoot your target in just seconds, without losing the aim. You just have to press the button and your enemy is on the ground.

Button Remapping

Previously, it was harder to run in a game because you were compelled to press the button constantly. This used to divert all your focus on the running neglecting the rest of the game. Not only that, but pressing the controller button constantly used to damage the button too.

The mod controllers for PS4 are designed in such a way that they make your gaming experience much better. And for this reason, these controllers have a built-in genius feature that allows you to keep running without having to constantly keep pressing the button. This helps you focus on your game, and does not drive all your attention to just one part of the game. Along with that, it also increases the life of your controller.

Anti-Slip Wrap

Anti-Slip wraps are the perfect feature for those who want a better grip of their controller. This feature is optional as well as easily removable at any time. We stock different types of anti-slip grips with multiple features and colors. Choose your favorite one on the checkout.

Extended Triggers

Modded PS4 controllers by ConsoleBoost come with our exclusive extended triggers. These are easy to install by clipping them onto your standard triggers. This means you won't have to remove your current one to use the extended triggers. We stock extended trigger pads in different colors and shapes.

Fast Reload

One of the biggest problems the gamers face while playing a game is waiting for their weapon to reload. This might take a minute in actual, but it seems like it is taking years for a weapon to reload when push comes to shove. These modded controllers are modified in such a way that they reload your gun in no time - giving you a leverage to deal some more damage to your opponent.

The fast reloading helps you survive in the game and lower your chances of dying early. Not only survival, but your chances of winning are also increased if your controller is enabling you to reload your gun at a faster rate.


Wouldn’t it be cool if your controller provided you with assistance when taking an aim? These mod controllers are designed in such a way that they provide you with help while taking your opponent’s headshots.

All you have to do is activate the auto-aiming (AIMBOT) feature and, just by pressing one button, you will be able to inflict a lot of damage to your opponent. This controller is going to serve as a powerful aiming tool, making your game easier and much more fun for you.

Custom Buttons

ConsoleBoost's PS4 controllers come with your choice of custom buttons, instead of the standard square, triangle, x, and o.

We stock everything from metal buttons colored in red, blue, gold, white, and black to glow-in-the-dark buttons that will help you see your buttons in complete darkness.

Automatic Spotting

The mod controllers not only provide you with a feature of automatic aiming, they also help you in spotting your opponents on the battlefield.

They are designed in a way that they tell you where your enemies are by automatically spotting them; this helps you by lowering the pressure of the game on your mind.

High Quality and Low Price

All the features these mod controllers for PS4 are providing you with will make you think that these controllers are going to be very costly. If you are thinking that, you are not right. These controllers by ConsoleBoost are not going to cost you a lot of money. These are designed for all gamers; thus, ConsoleBoost has also made sure to keep it affordable for every gamer out there.

Most of the time, controllers with low prices are of cheap quality, but this is not the case for the modded controllers by ConsoleBoost. The quality of these controllers is better than many expensive mod controllers you can find in the market. ConsoleBoost has not compromised on the quality of the controllers. They are giving you the best product in the lowest price.

Led Indicators

It is hard to remember which feature you have activated when your entire focus is on the game. For this reason, the modded controllers are designed in a way that they have led indicators that remind you which features are activated. These led indicators are not present in all the modded controllers that are available in the market; the controllers by ConsoleBoost have them.

If they did not use this LED interface, you would not be able to concentrate on your game, because half of your mind is going to be busy in remembering the controller operations. The ConsoleBoost mod controllers let you put all your focus on the game, preventing you from worrying about some simple operations that are performed by your controller. All you have to do is play, and let your controller control the rest.

ConsoleBoost Pro PS4 Gaming Controller

A reputation for speed, accuracy, and ergonomics rests here. Its paddle system, thumbsticks, and triggers provide for optimal play. You do not need added tools or downloaded applications. Simply plug it on, customize and get down to business.

The unique design is a welcome relief to players with small, medium-sized, or large fingers. You can perform maneuvers of any kind, plus your reaction time increases. For instance, once you get acquainted with the gaming controller, you realize that pressing all the four paddles at once triggers multiple actions. As for the thumbsticks, there are three different sizes with enough surface area for enhanced control.

Benefits of Modded Controllers

Modded PS4 controllers are modified in a way to give you a significant boost in console gaming. Since the controller comes with features such as rapid-fire and extended triggers, you will have faster reaction times and fully-automatic mode. Modded controllers are a great way to get the upper hand without resorting to cheating or hacking.

The DualShock 4 controller is the one that comes with the PS4. It is, without any doubt, a good controller that provides you with a good gaming experience. By the passage of time, different games are being launched that demand for controllers that have some really amazing features. The DualShock 4 controllers are not able to fulfil these requirements here.

If you really want to do justice to the game, you need a modded controller that can do that. These mod controllers help you play games that are complicated, demanding, and are filled with features without ruining the fun.

The modded controllers also prevent you from downloading apps that enhance your gaming experience. These controllers have everything in them that you need to play, enjoy and win the game.

How The Modding Process Works

Modding a PS4 controller isn't the easiest and require professional soldering work to get done. This is why buying proper modded PS4 controllers such as ours to make sure you get the best of the best. Modding a controller starts by opening a standard PS4 gamepad and unscrewing the motherboard. Underneath this, there will be a chip, which we want to add the rapid-fire mod to. This is done by soldering the modchip to a few connections on the standard chip. After that, we'll swap out the buttons to whatever buttons the customer chose for their controller.

Why Choose ConsoleBoost's PS4 Controllers

We create our modded PS4 controllers in-house here in the USA.

Free Delivery

We deliver all orders over $100 for FREE within the USA! Everyone hates when we online shop and get to the checkout, only to see an added $20 to the tab. We don't play like that, at ConsoleBoost we always ship for free on all orders over $100.

Shipped from USA

All our orders are shipped straight from our warehouse in the USA; this means fast shipping times. Our controllers usually reach the customer within 3-4 working days.

Made by ConsoleBoost

Our controllers are handmade by us here at ConsoleBoost. We don't resell cheap, unreliable controllers. We mod and quality-test every controller that we sell. We mod with love; we mod with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are modded controllers legal?

Yes, modded controllers are entirely legal and ban-safe. Since the controller don't tamper with any game software (unlike hacks), the controllers are completely fine to use even while playing online multiplayer. Use our modded PS4 controllers with ease!

Can I use modded controllers on the PlayStation network?

Yes, modded controllers are fine to use while playing online. Modded PS4 controllers are not illegal. Hence they're ban-safe.

Can I get banned using rapid-fire?

No, since rapid-fire only affect the hardware of the controller and not the game software. The only way to get banned is by using hack software.

Are Modded Controllers Compatible for all Games?

This is one of the most important questions you have in your mind when you are buying a modded controller. Now, every game is supported by these mod controllers.

Previously, these controllers were just designed for shooting and aiming games, and they did not support arcade or sports games. But certain advancements are now made in these controllers; they are now designed to provide you with support in games other than the ones that require shooting, reloading, and aiming only. You can use these controllers for almost every PS4 game now.

Are Modded Controllers Legal?

Another question that might arise is that is it legal to use these controllers? So the answer is yes. It is completely legal to use these controllers, as they are not helping you to cheat. The purpose of these controllers is to keep you more focused on your game. It has nothing to do with changing a game for you, or making you win the game every time you play.

These controllers give your fingers some rest, and prevent you from putting a lot of pressure on them. They also help you to concentrate on the strategy of the game. No feature is provided by these controllers that make you question if it is legal to use them. They are just helping you with your game by giving your fingers some comfort, and by giving your mind some time to relax. These controllers are not making you a gaming lord in one night, and thus, their use is completely legal.

Therefore, if you use these modded controllers, you are not getting your account banned or suspended by Microsoft, Sony, or any other game developer for PS4.

Difference between DualShock 4 and Modded Controllers

The DualShock 4 controllers are not bad at all; they have some really good features that help you play your game, but for the gaming enthusiast a controller like DualShock 4 is not enough.

They need something that helps them in every possible way. These needs are fulfilled by the modded controllers by ConsoleBoost; they keep in mind the comfort, good gaming experience, and necessities of a gamer while designing these controllers for them. Another good thing about the mod controllers is that they support almost every PS4 game available in the market.

People used to prefer DualShock 4 because it is compatible for all games, but the same feature is now present in the mod controllers by ConsoleBoost. So, the DualShock 4 controllers are not bad at all, but you cannot compare it with the features that a modded controller by ConsoleBoost provides you with. Therefore, you have all the reasons to choose it over the DualShock 4 controller. If you want to find out which modded control suits you best and is going to work for you, you can search for it by simply browsing through our catalogue.


The features and assistance that a modded controller provides you with is only useful for you if you know how to play. These controllers are not in any way going to make you win every single game if you are not a good gamer. The controllers are only going to give you some good help; the rest only depends on you. If you know how to play a game, and if you have a good game strategy, only then will these controllers be helpful for you.