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Buy the best modded Xbox One controllers from Console Boost. These controllers comes with rapid-fire, fast reload and many other mods.

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Modded XB1 Controllers

Custom Xbox One Controller

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Modded XB1 Controllers

Fortnite Modded Xbox One Controller

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Xbox One Modded Controllers for Sale

Gaming gadgets are something that is getting better and more advanced with each passing day. Pretty much every other week, we get to hear about upgrades and progressions when it comes to gaming devices. A decent player consistently picks their controllers cautiously, as these can either positively or negatively impact gameplay.

However, because of the accessibility of such a large number of brands and models of controllers in the market, it is difficult to settle on the correct decision. To pick the correct controller for your Xbox, you are required to have the appropriate information in regards to what is accessible in the market. You can check out modded controllers if you are all about improving your gaming experience. This article will discuss what modded controllers are and what they offer.

What's Modded Xbox One Controllers?

Any normal gaming controller can be transformed into a modded controller once a particular modchip is installed into it. What essentially happens once you introduce this modchip into the controller is that the buttons on the controller are squeezed by chip, thus you are not required to press the buttons continuously to get the desired actions in the game.

While transforming a simple Xbox One controller into a modded controller, all that needs to be done is that the extra chip must be implanted into the controller correctly. The hardware of the controller itself is not altered during this process. There are a few modding companies that offer their own modchips. The kinds of mods offered may incorporate features like an increase in memory limit and processing speed.

All the buttons and pads on the controller can be changed through modding. Other than this, it is also possible to remap the buttons and paddles on the modded controller, attach extended triggers for a better grip, and change the design of the controller with some really cool skins and stickers.

Console boost is one of the best websites to get your modded controllers from. It offers a wide assortment of modded controllers for the Xbox One. The majority of the modded controllers have the most advanced chips implanted into them that leads the way for a lot of customization features and alterations.

What to Look for in Modded Controllers

The present modding business sector is overflowing with organizations offering an assortment of modded controllers to suit the taste and budget of every individual. It will be correct to state that now the business provides the best offerings for purchasers, as all sites that were not able to keep up with the quality models and produce extraordinarily designed custom controllers as well as top-notch quality. The ones, that are available now are progressing getting better. Also, they have shown their efforts of rapidly evolving with the forever progressing market to make sure that their customers get the best of products and quality.

Each company offers its own features and modchips for making a modded controller. There are a whole lot of options when it comes to customizations and alterations. From cheap to costly ones, and from simple to the more complex ones.

Concentrating on the cost may appear to be a smart decision however, this isn't the most ideal approach to choosing something for yourself. Going exclusively by looks is additionally deceptive as two items can appear to be indistinguishable, however have totally different internals. Also, there is no universal advice for modchip standards.

It is important to make sure that the modifications you end up choosing matches your objectives, gaming moves, style, and your performance goals. Most sites offer comparative mod usefulness and the pretty much the same number of features that vary in the manner they are initiated and worked during the game.

Once you are aware of what works for you and what kind of modded controller will help you improve your game style and overall experience, the choice will become much easier for you. The below mentioned are the basic things that you should look for while buying a modded controller for Xbox One:

Build Quality and Performance

A few words about how a controller is modded at any good company. A technician installs a modchip into an Xbox One controller and makes any outer adjustment required for the custom controller body. Other than the well-done installation part, the quality of the units, basically the modchips used, matters as well.

 The majority of the removable components are manufactured by third party companies that may not duplicate the functionality of the factory parts in the correct manner, this can potentially affect the performance of the product negatively. The best thing you can do is to not over-burden your controller with custom add-ons as compromising execution for the design is something that will definitely leave you frustrated.

Operational Mod Button

You can find 2 kinds of modified gaming pads in the market these days. These are either the ones that accompany a mod button and the ones that don't come with it. This additional button is a strategic switch located at the back of the controller that turns all additional mods on and off.  The position of the button has been chosen carefully as to make sure that the player does not push the switch unintentionally during the game.

On the other hand, the ones that don’t feature the mod switch, operate the mods through existing product buttons. This can turn out to be quite confusing and may need some getting used to, also while you are in a gaming session, it is possible that you might accidentally press them during a heated gameplay session and turn a functioning mod off, for instance.

Mods LED Indicator

This features an LED indicator located on the faceplate of the controller. These LED indicators can differ in color, shape, and appearance. Each company offers different types of LED indicators.

The usefulness of the LED indicator is that it consistently keeps the player aware of all the features that are turned on, this makes it simpler to scroll between the sub-modes and the mods and is also useful in keeping track of custom input process.

However, not all brands offer this feature and just think of using a controller that doesn't tell you about the custom values entered or the configuration of enabled mods. Mod LED indicators are a requirement that players should definitely have as it helps the player concentrate on the activity that is happening in the game rather than getting worried about simple controller operations.

Paddles System

Paddles is a moderately new featured offered for Xbox One Modded Controllers. It enables players to remap standard command control for all controller buttons exactly as they would prefer. Situated on the back of the controller, these are offered in the forms of buttons, switches or paddles in pairs of two, four or six parts.  According to most players, two to four is the ideal number of paddles as having extra components on the controller isn't essential and can meddle with the gameplay.

Extended Triggers

The kind of hands of the player also has a lot of impact on the gameplay and the overall gaming experience. Some players have small fingers and it becomes extremely difficult for them to manage both the buttons and the triggers at the same time. While this can be done easily by some players, however for the others it can strain their fingers quite easily.

Extended triggers are used to help solve this issue. Though our thumbs usually rest on the controller’s face, the triggers are basically used by our center and index fingers. The optimal placement of the fingers is to place them in such a way that the center fingers are used for the triggers, while the forefingers rest on the shoulder fingers.

Trigger extenders help to keep your hands at ease when you are playing. Rather than keeping them in an unrested position on the controller at all times you can easily place your fingers on the extended triggers. This will help shorten the travel distance of triggers and hence will make allow you to have better responsiveness when needed. All in all, extended triggers help provide the gamer with quicker and more subtle feedback.

Why Choose Console Boost's XB1 Controllers?

Console Boost does not compromise on quality. You are bound to get the best of products that are worth your money. Let’s look at a few reasons you should choose Console Boost for purchasing modded controllers for Xbox One.

Some of the most liked modifications are:

  • Button configuration
  • Auto-aim
  • Fast reload
  • Dropshot
  • Rapid-fire

The modded controllers for Xbox One by Console Boost are compatible with almost every other game. Here are a few reasons you should choose Console Boost Xbox One controllers:

We Offer Free Delivery

One of the best things about getting your modded controller from Console Boost is that upon placing an order of more than $100, your controllers will get delivered to you for free. Nobody likes when an additional $20 gets added as delivery charges when you are about to checkout. However, that’s something you don’t need to worry about if you are shopping from Console Boost as all orders over $100 get delivered to you for free.

We Make Sure Your Order is Delivered on Time

You can expect to get your order delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days since your order is directly shipped from the Console Boost warehouse in the USA. Hence this is the best choice for you if you are all about fast shipping.

Made by Console Boost

You can expect to find high-quality handmade controllers if you are ordering from Console Boost. It's our policy to produce and deliver the best quality. Each mod is quality tested before it gets delivered to you.

What are the Benefits of having our Modded Controllers?

There are many advantages that modded controllers have to offer to the players. Let’s look at a few of them:

For a Smooth and Quick Paced Gameplay

Modded controllers are very useful for First person shooter games. This is because if you are using a modded controller you won't need to waste time performing actions such as aiming, reloading, ducking, and jumping. Your main concern throughout the game will basically be shooting at the enemies.

They make you a Better Player

You may be wondering how these shortcuts can help make you a better player. One of the fundamental advantages of these shortcuts is that these enable you to discover the maps all the more proficiently. You get the chance to get comfortable with the maps you are in as you become more acquainted with the spawning and hiding places. Once the mods are turned off, you will realize how much better of a player you have become due to them.

Offer a Great Experience for First Person Shooter Games

Aim mods allow the user to shoot from the most convenient spots. With this feature, you can move around, run, jump, and still hit your target with efficiency. It also helps you to hit headshots frequently. This can be very useful for people who play a lot of first-person shooter games.

Are Modded Controllers Legal?

This is one of the main worries of people upon their purchase of a modded controller. Modded controllers being illegal is not true. In fact, modded controllers are totally legal This is on the grounds that no game programs are modified by these controllers. Hence, you can also play online games using modded controllers without any worries.

The Best XB1 Modded Controllers

Console boost makes sure to provide customers with the most effective modifications with quality you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only will you be provided with great quality but you can expect these custom controllers to be very durable as well. These are bound to improve your overall gameplay and enhance your gaming experience.