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Every serious gamer out there knows the importance of having the right tools for the job. Sometimes it can mean having the best controller in your arsenal. But sometimes it can even mean having the best buttons to enhance your experience even further. If you’re someone that’s looking for a better gaming experience then there are dozens of PS4 controller buttons for sale to help you get there.


PS4 Controller Buttons

PS4 D-Pad Thumbstack Add-on

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Why Getting Custom PS4 Buttons is a Good Idea

When you buy a PS4 controller, you’re limited with what you can get. Often this can be the cause of leaving something to be desired. In these kinds of situations, it can be a really good idea to opt for a PS4 controller buttons for sale. Here are some advantages you can expect from getting custom PS4 buttons.

Tactile Response

The buttons on your standard Dualshock 4 aren’t designed with any serious gaming in mind. They are manufactured with respect to keeping the production costs low and maintain a decent lifetime. Unfortunately, this does mean that you can’t get as good of a response from them as you would want. Custom buttons for your PS4 will give you a superior tactile feel. You will have a better variety of button surfaces to use for your gaming.

Varied Design Choice

When you get a PS4 controller, you’re pretty much stuck with one design. You’re stuck with one kind of color, one design, and even one material throughout. Thankfully, custom buttons allow you to have a different set of buttons for your PS4 controller. You can get your desired material, style, and color according to your preferences. This way you can have a unique look to your controller to set it apart from the rest.

Long Lasting

It’s not uncommon for your PS4 buttons to get scratched, scuffed, chipped, and weathered over time. This can make your controller look old and worn down after spending some time using it. Getting PS4 controller buttons for sale is a great way to get around this problem. You can buy custom buttons in different materials some of which are durable enough to withstand heavy usage. Not only will they last longer but they can be replaced easily. You can simply swap worn buttons out without having to spend the extra money to buy a brand new controller.


In a standard PS4 controller, you don’t have much leeway in terms of what you can do with the buttons. They generally work fine for a lot of games but they don’t offer any specific advantage to a single game. This is where having something like custom buttons on your controller can really improve your game. You will be able to swap out the buttons according to your needs. Whether you need your buttons to have more grip, your d-pad to have a different style, or even for your triggers to be a little longer, everything is up to you. You can customize your buttons however you see fit without any issues.