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Buy PlayStation 4 skins, stickers, and wraps from ConsoleBoost. We have PS4 skins for both controllers and consoles.

PS4 Skins/Stickers for Sale

Now, it is possible to style your game consoles with super unique and cool skins and stickers of your choice. But, what exactly is a console skin? It is just vinyl with an adhesive, cut digitally to fit your gaming console. In simple words, the skin is something that can fit onto your gadgets such as consoles, mobiles, Mp3 players. It protects your gadgets from getting dirty and gives them a super cool look.

At times, a simple plastic controller just does not look appealing enough. Whether you just want a better grip on your controller or want some attractive artwork on your console, the skin is the way to go.

PS4 Console Skins and Why You Need Them

The glue-held vinyl or skins can be customized easily to suit your choice so you have a skin for your game console that is unique. There are tons of choices when it comes to the prints and colors of the skin. You can choose your favorite one from a wide selection. Not only will it make your controllers and console look cool, but it will also protect them against scratches, scraped spots and the wear and tear of daily use.

Another great advantage of skins for controllers and console is that it will increase the durability of your appliances and you will find them as good as new whenever you remove the skin.


Also, since the skin is customized according to your taste you will also be making a style statement. Once you apply the skin to your console and take care of it, even after ten years down the line, your PlayStation, Xbox, Ps4, or PSP will still hold the astounding looks. Usually, the Ps4 skins are commonly produced using cast vinyl films, created with the assistance of a unique procedure. The specialty of cast vinyl films is that they can hold their shape and structure, making them amazingly sturdy.


The skin doesn't come off or shrink, break or strip off even if the console overheats. cast vinyl is used to make all console skins, this is because it is so thin that it can effectively and easily be applied over the contours of the controller and console. To make the whole set look even better you can match the colors of the game console skin with the other components of your gaming system or you can create a color contrast that looks appealing.

Sweat resistant

Another advantage of using skins on your console controllers is that it won't make your hands sweaty. People often experience their hands getting sweaty due to constant playing. This also affects the gameplay as the player loses some grip on the controller, which automatically affects the gameplay. Console skin helps you to maintain the grip on the controller even if your hands are getting sweaty. This way you can easily play for hours.

Moreover, console skins also help avoid hand irritation. The hands of players often get irritated due to the studded skin. This disturbs the comfort of the player. This problem also does not let the player play for a long time as your hands and fingers will get tired. Console skins come with textured pads, which make using the controller much more easier. It reduces the discomfort and helps keep the hands from getting irritated.

From Where Can You Get The Best Console Skin/Stickers?

There are many choices when it comes to console skins. Also, several websites are selling console skins for PS4. However, the quality of the skin depends on where you get it. Choosing the right place to get your console and controllers can get confusing, and you surely don’t want to end up buying something that wears off or tears after a little use.

You can find a super cool collection of console skins with different colors and styles on here at ConsoleBoost. Although console skins are durable, this does not imply you can't change the skin. You can change the skin whenever you want.

If you are tired of the old skin and want something new then you can simply replace it with another design or color. Our super cool console’s skins are made from Vinyl, which makes them look incredible when applied to your console and controller. These are very easy to apply and remove. So, go ahead, make your friends envy your gaming console by styling it the way you want. You can find various unique styles and designs of console skins on the console boost.

Why Choose Our Console Skins?

Not only the console skins/stickers that you will find at console boost are super durable but they come with several other advantages as well. Let's look at a few of them:

Easy to Apply

You don’t need any tools or equipment to apply the skin. You can simply do it with your hands. All you need to do is to peel them, stick them onto the controller or console and press. These are super easy to apply and will fit your console like a glove.

Scratch Resistant

Plastic can get scratched super easily. Our skins are very sturdy and act as a protective layer that will keep your console scratch-free.

Sweat Proof

Your hands won't sweat, which means you won't be losing grip on the trigger and ultimately the game. Our skin will help you maintain focus and grip even through the most intense battles.

No Goo or Glue

You can easily peel the skin off without having to worry about any leftover sticky goo or residue on your Ps4 controller. You will find your controllers as good as new


Console boost makes sure to provide customers with the most unique PlayStation 4 skins with the quality you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only will you be provided with great quality but you can expect these skins to be very durable as well. These are bound to improve your overall gameplay and enhance your gaming experience.