Buttons are lifeblood of an average gamer. That’s why it’s important for them to be in great shape to be able to deliver superior performance. Sometimes your old buttons can wear and fail to give you the response you need in your games. In these cases you can replace your stock buttons with custom Xbox One buttons for sale, same ones you can find on our custom Xbox One controllers.

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Why Should You Get Custom Xbox One Buttons

Although your standard buttons will get you far in your gaming, there’s always a need to want to switch things up. Getting Xbox One controller buttons for sale is a good way to change up your gaming experience. There are many advantages that you can gain from switching to custom Xbox One buttons. Here are a few reasons why you should get different buttons for your controller.

Better Feel

Standard buttons have a very basic texture and shape to them. However, you can only go so far with a standard set of controller buttons. Custom buttons allow you to get a much different feel and response from them while playing. Some flat surface buttons will make it easy to perform drumming inputs required for fighting games. Likewise, round dome shaped buttons will allow you to hold them down more easily.

Unique Look

Another major advantage of getting Xbox One controller buttons for sale is their looks. A standard set of buttons can look boring and drab after a while. Custom buttons afford you the ability to be able to make your buttons pop out with different styles and colors. You can make a boring old controller look new and stylish thanks to them. Custom buttons are also very useful if you have a skin for your controller and want to match the buttons with the overall look.

More Durable

Your controller’s stock buttons are produced in mass amounts to basic specifications. They’re only built to last a certain amount of time before they start to wear out and lose their consistency. Custom buttons can benefit you greatly thanks to their build quality. These buttons are usually built to specific specs out of durable materials which make them more likely to last. You can use these buttons for a long time before you begin to see any kind of wear on them.

Superior Performance

The stock buttons on your Xbox One controller are designed as a one size fits all solution for all kinds of games. You can use these buttons to play all kinds of games without having a specific advantage in any one of them.

Custom buttons afford you the ability of modifying your experience according to your needs. Instead of just having a single set of buttons that you use for everything, you can have a set that favors each type of game. You can swap out your d-pad and face buttons to favor fighting games, you can get taller sticks to favor shooting games, and you can have extended triggers for genres like racing games.