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Xbox One Grips For Sale

As a passionate gamer, you might understand the importance of having the right gear. Something as simple as the right controller or the right headset can instantly elevate your gaming experience like you never thought was possible. However, oftentimes, you have to deal with minor issues here and there on your gear that you have to live with.

This is especially true with controllers. You might be getting the right controller size and the button layout that you want but still, miss on something like not having the right thumbsticks. Luckily, in situations like these you can turn to great solutions like buying Xbox One grips.

Why Do You Need Xbox One Grips?

You might be wondering why grips are such a great idea for an Xbox One controller. There’s a bunch of reasons why you would use grips for your controllers. Here are some reasons below.

They Give You More Tactical Advantage

Think about it, you’re playing an online shooter game and trying to line up the perfect shot only to have your stick let you down. It’s never a fun feeling and it’s definitely something you can avoid.

Having grips put on your Xbox One controller gives you a great tactical advantage and provides you the ability to excel at your game without being held back by your controller.

They Let You Choose Your Own Feel for the Sticks

One of the biggest problems that the Xbox One controller has is that its sticks are unusually small and somewhat uncomfortable. Normally, you would consider just getting a different controller for this reason alone. But fortunately, grips make it easier to stay on the same controller without you having to sacrifice your controller preferences.

Grips come in all shapes and sizes and you can use that to your advantage. You can use grips to increase the area around your stick or even increase the height to make it easier to play.

They Provide Much Better Grip

The bane of every gamer’s existence is to put up with thumbsticks that keeps slipping without catching on to your thumbs. This is a big problem especially in long sessions where you have to put with sweaty hands that make it even harder to play your favorite games without the sticks slipping off.

Grips let you have better control over your sticks by letting you have a much better grip on it. You can make minute adjustments in your games safely with the knowledge that you won’t have to deal with any slippage.

They’re Extremely Durable

It doesn’t take much for your controller to start seeing wear after just a few months of use. And usually, the first thing to go is the rubber on top of your sticks. It makes it really uncomfortable and undesirable to play your games.

Getting grips can drastically improve your experience by giving some protection to your sticks. And the best part is that they’re durable enough to withstand years of abuse without any big damage. 

Xbox One Grip Features

Improved Aim Skills
With Xbox One grips you'll get a much better aim in FPS games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fortnite and more.
Scratch Damage
Grips helps in protecting your XB1 controller from greasy and oily surfaces as well as scratch damages and more.
Better Ergonomics
Adding grips to your Xbox controller helps with the ergonomics and feel. With the soft extra layer between your hands and controller, you'll notice how much easier it gets to keep on gaming without your hands campring.