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Xbox One Extended Triggers for Sale

A lot of people take their gaming experience very seriously and they want to learn more about everything that can improve their gameplay. If you play on Xbox one then extended triggers might be of great use to you. Adding extended triggers to your Xbox one controller enhances the gaming experience for gamers. These triggers provide gamers with the ability to experience exact and quick feedback from the game. Most of the time, controllers alone are not sufficient enough to provide such a rich experience.

What Are Extended Triggers For?

So, you must be wondering what extended triggers for Xbox are used for? In addition, are they necessary for good gameplay? Especially for someone who is already satisfied with the onset of stock triggers (L2/R2) buttons. It is true that these buttons are pretty responsive in the controllers themselves, however, if you find that your fingers don’t feel comfortable resting on the controller, then you might want to look into an extended trigger for Xbox one controller.

Most of the time, gamers have to rest their middle fingers on the grip present on the controller and have to make use of their index fingers to engage the controllers. A lot of times, gamers notice that this has a negative effect on their gameplay. Especially, for the games in which you have to use both trigger and shoulder buttons constantly, thus making it difficult for the gamer to respond on time.

Improving Gameplay through Extended Triggers

The pair of hands that the gamer has also possesses quite a lot of effect on the gaming experience. Some gamers have small finger, for them, it becomes extremely difficult to manage both the buttons and the triggers at the same time. While this is of no problem for a few people, for the others it can strain their fingers.

This is where extended triggers come into use. Though our thumbs mostly rest on the controller's face most of the time, our index and center fingers basically use the triggers. The ideal placement is to use the center fingers for the triggers, while the forefingers should rest on the shoulder fingers.

Trigger extenders keep your hands at ease while you are playing. You can easily place your fingers on the extended triggers, rather than keeping them in an unrested position on the controller at all times. This will help shorten the travel of triggers and hence will make the responsiveness quicker and better. All in all, extended triggers help provide the gamer with quicker and more subtle feedback.


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